Frequently ASKed Questions

Question #1: Are there bathrooms located on the campground?

Answer #1: Yes, we have newly constructed indoor bathroom/shower facilities that are very well maintained. 

Question #2: What is recommended to bring for the best stay possible?

Answer #2: We recommend bringing a bag of charcoal, lighter fluid, lighter, utensils, and any pots/pans you plan on using. 

Question #3: What are the differences between tents 1,2, & 3?

Answer #3: Camp Valhalla South Zion has about 30 Tents available for rent. All tents have the same amenities and slightly different views. 

Question #4: What is the check in process?

Answer #4: On your day of reservation you will be assigned a tent site to arrive to without needing to check in via a text message & email from the host. 

Question #5: How far are the restrooms from the tents?

Answer #5: Some tents are located 30ft from the restrooms and some others are located 100-200ft away. When booking a tent and you require to have a closer tent just write a special request upon booking and we can arrange that for you.

Question #6: Are pets allowed to stay in the tents?

Answer #6: Yes we allow our guests to bring their pets into their tent if they are somewhat trained for indoor manners. 

Question #7: How far is the campsite located from Zion National Park?

Answer #7: If you have an SUV vehicle it is about 25 minutes away from the campground taking the Smithsonian Butte Rd which is an alternate route that is dirt that is maintained by the city of Apple Valley. If you have a car it is about 50 minutes away taking SR-59 through hurricane valley and then taking E 500 N all the way to Zion.

Question #8: Where is some good places to eat near the campground?

Answer #8: Nearby in the town of Hildale & Colorado City there are a few places: Subway Restaurants - about 3 mi away from the campground, The Border Store(Gas Station/Convenience  Store  - about 3 mi away from the campground, Brothers Bistro - about 1 mi away from the campground, Berry Knoll Bakery - about 1 mi away from the campground, 

Dollar General - about 2.5 mi away from the campground. Bees Marketplace - 3.5 mi away from the campground.