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Academy Ave

Colorado City, AZ 86021


Tel: 435-525-1476


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Camp Valhalla South Zion is located in a small Zion town called Colorado City, AZ. For absolute best directions to get to our campsite please search "Camp Valhalla at Zion" on Google Maps and you should be perfectly directed to our site.


Reservation Policy

When booking/reserving a Camp Valhalla Bell Tent you agree that you are responsible & liable for any theft, damages or injuries you incur on our property and that Camp Valhalla South Zion and its Owner(s) will not be held liable.

Refund Policy

Guests who book a reservation will be charged the full reservation price. Guests who would like to cancel their reservation anytime will be charged the full reservation price. The reservation is non-refundable & cannot be cancelled at anytime.